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Kids Can Quilt
with Hopscotch Quilt Shop

We have designed and written an exciting block of the month program especially for kids.

kids can quilt

This book contains designs to be created by a young quilter working alongside an experienced quilter. It is not designed for young quilters to work unaccompanied.

Features of the Book:

*Each month includes a segment of the story of Emily, a young quilter making "A Quilt For All Seasons".

*Dry Erase pages: Layout diagrams for each project are printed on dry erase paper at the back of the book. Young quilters can use fine tipped washable markers to design the colors for their quilts. Colors can be easily removed using a damp paper towel so that young designers can try a variety of color combinations.

*Coil binding.

*Unique quilting terms have been bolded and asterisked* throughout the book. Definitions for each term are included in the glossary at the back of the book.

*Two additional patterns that are excellent for young quilters.

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